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Art Education Lesson Plan
Art 302
Teacher__Bethany, Alex, Jessica, Heather
Grade level: 8th Grade
Subject/topic: Exercise Art
Art connection: Production, Aesthetics, Creativity

Title 0f Lesson: Art in Motion

Objectives : (include art and subject area objectives)
The students will establish personal and/or creative exercise goals.
The students will explore color processes through mixing paint colors.
The students will express creativity through the use of their feet to create art.
The students will expand their appreciation of unique approaches to create art.
The students will identify health benefits of exercise.

Gather supplies
Explain activity
Surprise quality of what will be done with their supplies
Excitement about the activity


Materials needed:
Fabric (1yd/person)
12 Aluminum Trays
Tempera Paint – a variety of colors
Buckets of water
Paper towels
Sharpie Permanent Markers
Other supplies for decorating
Butcher Paper

Procedures (story of the class): (What will you say and do and what will the students do.)
Provide and estimated time frame for each activity. Anticipate how transitions will occur.

Preparation (5 minutes)
Each group will gather three colors of paint, three trays, and 1 yd. of fabric per person.
Pour paint into separate trays and carry them downstairs to the grass. (Or  move tables and spread out supplies on the floor in the center of the classroom)
Outside (25 minutes)
Have each group spread out fabric in a large square, and place their paint trays on the inside corners.
Instruct students to dip their feet into two different colors of paint and stand in the center of the fabric.
Explain that we will be playing a game of Simon Says in order to create art with their feet.
Play a brief game of Simon Says, including instructions to help make their art more interesting and creative.
Instructions may include:
Jumping Jacks
Walk in a circle
Imaginary Jump rope
Hop on one foot
Walk on tip toes
Instruct students to wash off their feet, dry them with towels, grab their fabric and pans and carefully go back upstairs.
Lay out fabric over butcher paper to dry.
Presentation (10 minutes )
Discuss how what we did was a creative way to exercise.
Ask students to establish their own ideas of ways to exercise creatively.
Display Powerpoint containing alternative ideas for creative exercise.
Project (20 minutes)
Gather their fabric once it is dry.
Brainstorm more individual ideas for creative exercise and establish 3 goals for exercise.
Instruct students to work on a banner that will contain their goals and ideas of how to achieve their goals through exercise.
Have students clean up and put supplies away once they have completed their banners. 

Assessment: (refer back to the objectives)  How will you know what the students know and are able to do? How will you use this assessment (or these assessments) in planning your next lesson?
We will individually observe and discuss ideas with students as they work.
Assess if the student has created 5 goals and shows their knowledge of alternative ways of exercising to achieve those goals.

Content Standards Addressed:
Health Education
A.8.3 Describe ways to enhance health and reduce risks during adolescence
A.8.7 Explain the relationship between positive health behaviors and the prevention of injury, illness, disease, and premature death
Art Education
B.8.2 Recognize ways in which form, function, meaning, and expressive qualities of art and design change from culture to culture and artist to artist
C.8.4 Use design techniques to improve and/or change artwork
C.8.6 Develop the craft and skills to produce quality art
C.8.7 Understand the natural characteristics of materials and their possibilities and limitations