Art Without Excuses

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Welcome to Art Without Excuses, a collection of materials curated by an art educator, for classroom teachers and student, in any subject, at any level, anywhere. 

Students love being creative through creating videos, taking their own photography, adding their own drawings, and more! Incorporating the arts into your classroom makes it come alive and helps students to create new connections, and express themselves in ways much more unique than filling in blanks and test bubbles.

These resources will help you incorporate art in your room. Many incorporate technology, but could also be completed on paper. 

Also, be sure to check out my App Overview Videos if you're looking to provide your students with options for technology but aren't sure where to start. These overviews are designed to be student-friendly, so that teachers don't have to master an app in order to let their students give it a try.

The idea behind Art Without Excuses

The video above includes my story, and an uplifting message to help everyone realize they can create too! I often hear parents/teachers say they don't have the art "talent" in front of kids and hope to show both students and adults that everyone truly can create.My experience led to my passion to help everyone find their creativity and incorporate the arts regardless of what subject they teach.

Creating in Classrooms

Realistic Drawing

Art Without Excuses

You Can draw 

(elementary version) 

You Can Draw

(middle-adult version) 


includes Learn to Sketchnote, Why Sketch and You Can Draw
(MS-Adult Version) 

Learn to Sketchnote

(clip from Sketchnotes) 

Why Sketch?

(clip from Sketchnotes) 


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Facial Proportions

Shows the basics of facial proportions in a step-by-step format.


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