These following links provide numerous activities that can be incorporated into the art classroom. Most are free, and many are even available without download, running within a web browser itself. 

Art History Links

Art History Powerpoint Shows

This website provides downloadable powerpoints for all topics in art history. Very helpful for educators in art!

Interactive Art History Links

This website, sorted by periods of art, provides links to virtual museums, photos, videos, etc. of art history objects. Very useful!

A site hosted by the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts and The Walker Art's Center in Minneapolis to provide resources and activities for art educators. 

SmART History

This website, another Interactive site, allows you to search through art periods and select a piece. Once a piece is selected, you can view a video to learn more about it. 

Olga's Gallery - Online Art Gallery

This website provides a huge amount of historical paintings and pieces in high quality digital form. Sorted in numerous ways, by artist, movement, date, etc., they are easy to navigate.

General Art Links:

Color, and Elements/Principles of Art

This site provides a variety of information useful to teachers and students alike while in the process of learning the elements and principles of art. 

The Art Zone

This website provides fun art activities for students to do online WITHOUT DOWNLOADING any software. These will run straight out of a browser. The only catch - for most of them you can not save your work. 

Princeton Online - Art Activities and Games (Internal)

This website has a table of all different links for art activities and games. 

Picasso Knew 

This website features links to download FREE software in numerous subject areas. It includes free concept mapping software, excel/word/ppt mock software, 3D animation software, video editing, photo editing and more! 


Tagxedo is a program that allows a user to choose text (from a site, document, or freely typed) and transform it into a colorful word cloud with customizable color schemes, fonts, shapes, etc. 


Glogster is a interactive online program that allows the user to create an interactive online poster that includes audio, video, links to web pages, and images. 

The following is provided by :

Architect Studio 3D, from the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust
Design a house online with Frank Lloyd Wright

Albright-Knox Artgames
Click on Artie to open the full-screen art games and learning activities from Albright-Knox Art Gallery/

A variety of fun visual discrimination games from Getty Museum. Art Game
Full screen shockwave game with many style choices is a supercharged version of online paint programs. Check out the Impressionist style.

Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas
We just can't resist this easy paint screen to create your own Jackson Pollock-style art. Click to change colors.

Keith Haring Interactive Coloring Book
Love Keith Haring's drawings! This online drawing and coloring game using Haring's images makes fun, creative pictures.

Matisse for Kids
A learning module for older kids that explores beautiful Matisse paintings while the child collects elements of each to make his own Matisse.

National Gallery of Art Kids Zone
A great variety of creative art games, including the favorite Collage Maker

Pattern Blocks Game
Create a work of art online, but first explore the mathematical concepts of fractions, tesselations, and more.

Click the squares to make quilt designs. Change colors, reflect, and more. Click on Index to get some ideas of all that can be done by changing squares.

Red Studio REMIX
Online collage-making game from Museum of Modern Art Red Studio.

I am addicted to this game. The art and photos have wonderful detail and complexity. Older children will love it too.

Smithsonian for Students - Everything Art
A very deep resource with lots of fun art games and activities for kids.

Soda Play Constructor
Not strictly art, but still creative program that lets you build objects and simple machine designs. Play around with it; choose Construct from the drop-down menu.

The Artist's Toolkit
A learning site that includes creating your own art. Very well done from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Short Stories 

This website provides short stories on a variety of topics and for all ages. Great for incorporation into an art project as students can read and artistically reflect.