The following websites include a variety of information helpful for teachers, from rubric creators, to social networkings sites. 

Also feel free to visit the Free Classroom Program Downloads page to see some great programs available to make your teaching experience easier and more cost effective.


Teachnology is a website with numerous free worksheet generators and lots of great information. You can create everything from Bingo Cards to a Parent Teacher Conference Organizer for free.

Teachnology's Lesson Plan Creator/Generator 

In this lesson plan creator, simply input your information and it will neatly organize it for you. Also helps you be sure that you aren't forgetting anything!

Twiducate Classroom Social Networking

This website is a social networking site designed for teachers by teachers. It allows a teacher to create an online environment for their students to communicate and the teacher controls the privacy settings.

Discipline Help

This site lists numerous discipline problems that teachers may face in the classroom, and tells just how to deal with each and also explains why students might be acting this way. Organized by characteristics such as "The Whiner" and "The Tattletale," this site seems to have most student behavior traits down.

Rubistar Rubric Creator

Rubistar is a website which allows teachers to create rubrics for assignments very quickly. You can use the site without creating an account, but with an account comes the ability to save rubrics online for future updating and/or use.

Super Teacher Tools 

This website includes a generator for games which teachers can input information to, and then play like classic tv game shows. Games include Jeopardy and Who Wants to Be A Millionaire. There is also a Seating Chart Generator, Group Generator, and a Random Name Gemerator to help with these classroom necessities. 

Free Teaching Tools

This site has numerous worksheet/homework generators and games for a variety of subject and topics.

Free Tech For Teachers 

This website is constantly updated with new free technology that is available to educators for free. It has numerous links already and is growing quickly!

Smartboard Lessons

This site has numerous lessons in a variety of subject areas that incorporate a Smart Board. The activities can also be done on a regular computer which would be very helpful for students who want/need to practice at home. 


Teachertube is a site similar to Youtube but with educational information for teachers to use with their students. Teachers can share videos created by others and also view videos on education and teaching related topics.


Tagxedo is a program that allows a user to choose text (from a site, document, or freely typed) and transform it into a colorful word cloud with customizable color schemes, fonts, shapes, etc. 


Glogster is a interactive online program that allows the user to create an interactive online poster that includes audio, video, links to web pages, and images.