Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio is an app that allows for the creation of Stop Motion videos. In the app, students take individual photos, make small adjustments, and then take another photo. Once they've gotten quite a few images (my students are required to have at least 300) they can play their stop motion video, and download it for sharing. If doing stop motion in class I highly recommend this app, along with the following tools:  

                  - iPad Gooseneck stand $25 - adjustable in thousands of ways, holds the iPad steady so that the images are all consistent. I also use this stand to take time lapses of students in art. 

                  - Wire Rack $9 - I bought something similar to these for my students to use to create stop motion drawings/videos with paper cutouts. The iPad sits on top of the rack (with the camera aligned in one of the spaces) and the paper is taped underneath it on the table (so that it doesn't move). The way that my desks work, the legs that the rack has were not quite tall enough, so I used Snap Cubes to make the legs taller.

                  - Headphones with Volume Control Button $12 - Did you know that the volume control button on  your headphones will trigger the camera if you're in the camera app (or Stop Motion Studio)? We used the headphones to trigger the image so that the ipad would have no  movement from the actual touching of the button on screen. I did this project with wiggly wobbly 4th and 5th graders so this ended up being a crucial tool for our success.

Click here to view sample projects made by my students in Stop Motion Studio


Green Screen by Do Ink is a powerful app that can literally take your students anywhere. This app is very powerful (and amazing for the price!) and gives your students the opportunity to create videos where they are anywhere - on earth, another planet, or even inside their own art (hey....I'm an art teacher....what did you expect? :) )

This video goes over the basics. I've used this video with students as young as K/1, and they think it is really magic when they see themselves somewhere else!