Meet Bethany Marie...

A western Wisconsin based artist and art educator with varied experiences in photography, drawing, painting, graphic design and mixed media projects. 

I'm a small town Wisconsin artist and art teacher who's pretty laid back and always random. I grew up in a small, supportive family, and have always been a happy-go-lucky woman who is up for almost anything.  I love life, every minute, every day.  I laugh too much and about the silliest things, and I'm totally ok with that. I am very outgoing and generally always the one to break the silence. I have great friends and an even greater family and extended family, all of whom support me in all of my artistic and educational endeavors. Technology is incorporated into nearly everything I do, from my classroom, to my art, podcasts and research. I love to travel and jump at every chance that I get to do it, even when that means flying nearly 20 hours to make my way to South Korea, spending three weeks exploring Europe, or taking a two-day trip to Florida. I love enjoying each day in itself.  I'm on my way, and I'm not leaving anything behind. 
Silly? yes. Random? definitely. Ecstatic? always. 
But that's just the way I like it. 

My Work and
My Experiences

My artwork is very varied, in process and in content.

In photography, I have experience with 35mm full processes and I also have experience with digital photography and photography editing. Through my photography, I have shot everything from dancers, to coffeeshops, and even celebrities such as Barack Obama and Carrie Underwood.  I have worked at a photography studio as a retouch artist and graphic designer for over six years. 

My paintings are also varied, as I am currently in a very experimental stage. One thing that I love to do with my paintings is incorporate photography and/or graphic work into them. One way that I do this is through "Graphic Graffiti" in which I design graffiti on my computer, and then transfer the designs to paintings. 

My drawings are often very energetic and sometimes very colorful. Through the series "Rejuvenated" I experienced my first figure session and was very inspired to continue working with the human form. As an art teacher, one of my favorite topics to draw has become animals. I love working with students and looking at the way each animal is shaped and formed - it is amazing to see all of the similarities and differences between them.

Graphically, I do a variety of work. I have done work with everything from photography editing and manipulation, to page layouts, websites, and graphic art pieces. I have done numerous posters, invitations, brochures, newsletters, and corporate packages as well. Since 2010, I've also worked as a design consultant and free lance designer. 

In 2010, I was granted an undergraduate research grant from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, that allowed me to explore glass blowing and photography together in conjunction with Southern Fried Glass, Sparta, Wisconsin throughout 2010.

In November 2009, my work was shown in the first ever Razzle Dazzle Art Show in Sparta, Wisconsin. My graphic design piece "Icons" was also chosen to be included in the 2010 University of Wisconsin La Crosse Department of Art Student Juried Exhibition. I participated in the 2010 Junior Exhibition "Thirteen Under Thirty" and the 2011 Senior Exhibition for the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. 

If you are interested in having free lance painting, graphic design, drawings, or photography, feel free to email me at