These are Art Lesson Plans developed during my time as a student at UW-La Crosse

All School Mural (gr. K-8 and/or K-12)
Monster City (gr. 2)
Psychedelic Papermaking w/ Shaving Cream (gr. 3-7)
Excel Pixel Art (gr. 6-8)
Art In Motion (gr. 6-8) 
Hairy Green Monsters (gr. 8 Special Needs Adaptive Art)
Introductory Symbol Drawings (gr. 8 Special Needs Adaptive Art)
Invisible Magic Drawings/Paintings (gr. 8 Special Needs Adaptive Art)
Perspective Art Lesson (gr. 9-12)
Photoshop Smart Board Finger-Drawing (gr. 9-12)

Michelangelo Drawing on Chairs

Teacher from the Black Lagoon (youtube) (photobooth distortion of a teacher from the school) each student makes up a story and draws it and makes a story about the teacher.