Getting Started with Canvas 

When it comes to getting started in Canvas, the most important thing is.....well...getting started. For some teachers, that means finding a template that works best for you. There are hundreds in the Canvas Commons, and this is a quick/easy way to get started, especially if you're crunched for time. If you're more specific about how you'd like your course to look/function, you may want to build it from the ground up (I promise, that's not as scary as it seems!) 

Either way, I've included videos below to help you on your path. Below the videos there are also templates for creating your own buttons/banners (these can be utilized for either templates or self-built courses). As I said before, getting started, although a little scary, is a big first step! You'll learn a lot from just diving in and trying things out. Check out Settings>Student View to see what things will look like for your students, and don't forget to publish components you're ready for students to view. Happy Canvasing! :) 

Building Your Course
from the Ground Up 

Inserting a
Template in Canvas

Templates for Buttons/Banners in Keynote

Creating a Banner with Keynote

Click this link to download a template that is already sized correctly and ready for you to get to designing. It also includes some templates created for the School District of La Crosse. 

Creating Buttons with Keynote

Click this link to visit a folder containing templates for a few types of buttons, including days, months, subjects and more. NOTE: fonts may appear different  based on your installed fonts.

Creating Screen Recordings for Canvas

Below are videos that will show you how to create Screen Recordings for your Canvas course. I've also included a video to show you how to upload your videos to Youtube. Our Canvas storage is VERY limited so Youtube is your best option. 

Creating a Screen Recording
that Shows Your Face

Using iPad

On a Mac

Creating a Screen Recording
that Doesn't Your Face

Using iPad

On a Mac

Directions for
Posting to Youtube