This presentation focuses on steps to integrate technology into creative classrooms, from art, to music, drama, fashion design, and more. It is also a great starter session for teachers in regular ed classrooms that are transitioning into a shared or 1:1 iPad environment.

Presented at Elkhart Institute Day 

This session focuses on two main components: Setting up a blended learning environment and increasing creativity through the use of technology in the classroom. This is a great session for intermediate technology users who are comfortable working on their Mac/iPad and are looking to step up their teaching game by flipping their classroom and adding creative components. 

Presented with Sam Clausen for Staff Development Day at the School District of La Crosse, February 2020

This session provides teachers with 10 amazing classroom tools, including 5 big apps (powerful apps best suited for larger, individualized projects) and 5 little apps (apps that are quick and easy to use in the classroom on a daily basis). Attendees have the chance to experience each app hands on through exciting interactive stations. After the session, attendees receive student-friendly videos that they can use to integrate the apps in their classrooms! 

Presented at ISTE 2018
Co-presented with Carrie Wuensch-Harden

Sketch notes are taking the education world by storm...and it isn't surprising given the data that shows they're better for our brains! This presentation introduces the research behind using drawing in every classroom, gets attendees practicing sketch notes, and provides resources for teachers to use to get their students creating drawings right away!

Presented at Elkhart Institute Day, WWEC19

Looking for the PERFECT easy to use, fun and engaging app to make high quality videos? LOOK NO FURTHER! Clips is my "daily app," and I am constantly finding new ways to use it in my classroom. This presentation gives attendees the basics of this tool, which is great for student use and teacher demonstrations. It's a fast, easy app to learn, and better's free! 

Presented at WWEC19
Co-presented with Carrie Wuensch-Harden at WEMTA19

A fast-paced, fun presentation in which Apple tips and tricks are shared. These tips will help teachers to be more efficient in their daily work with both Mac and iPad and will showcase some little-known features of your powerful devices.

Presented at iEngage Midwest '18
Co-presented with Carrie Wuensch-Harden at WEMTA18

Apple Classroom is the perfect, all-in-one device management system for your classroom! The app not only allows you to view a students screen or lock it so that you can focus their attention, it also gives you the ability to easily share websites and other media quickly to your entire class, and to showcase a students work straight from their iPad to your Apple TV! 

Presented at WWEC19

Video isn't just for film class or "techie" teachers anymore! Utilizing the power of iPad, your students will be able to create their own stories in inspiring ways. In this presentation, attendees learn about both Stop Motion and Green Screen, and a few other great video apps are touched on. By the end you'll not only have the skills to use video in your classroom, you'll also understand why incorporating video will be a game changer for your students.

Presented at Elkhart Institute Day 2018

Apple Creativity Tips and Tricks for Teachers

Teachers often express a desire for their students to showcase their creativity, and in this session, teachers will learn tools to help them do the same! We'll talk about some great ways to use everything from Camera, to Clips, Keynote and more to help bring out the creativity in your classroom!

Presented at iEngage Midwest 2018
Co-Presented at WWEC18 with Carrie Wuensch-Harden

Have you heard of Apple Teacher? Not sure where to start? Start here! In this session, teachers learn about program, get introduced to the Apple Teacher Learning System and get started working on the program. As teachers work through the program, they earn badges and eventually become certified as an Apple Teacher.

Co-Presented with Carrie Wuensch-Harden at WWEC17 and WWEC18

Presented as a UW-La Crosse Course with Carrie Wuensch Harden, Winter 17, Spring 17, Spring 18

Video is a powerful tool that opens the door for students to tell their stories in creative and interesting ways. This session introduces the Clips app and Green Screen by Do Ink, and also includes information on other great video apps for classrooms. 

Presented at LETSGO-WI 2018