Technology projects with our K/1 kiddos

Posted December 19, 2018

It's Intersession time again and this time I decided to focus my time and energy projects! 

Shocking, I know (not!) 

As we finalize the first level of TechEssentials and run a Pilot with the 4/5 students, I thought it would be fun to also work with tech with some of our youngest learners, K/1! 

I chatted with my Library/HPL Teacher Carrie, and we decided to collaborate on a project in which students would get to experience two different apps: Green Screen by Do Ink, and Osmo Coding Jam. 

This was perfect as we emphasize collaboration during intersession, and by doing this we were not only collaborating with each other, but also integrating music (which Mrs. Wakeen was pretty excited about!) 

The video to the left shows some of the green screen projects that the kids came up with! :)