Cave art:
Exploring our cave

Posted 9/25/17

Creating cave art has always been one of my favorite introductory activities for our k/1 students. Why? 

What's more fun than creating art, turning it into a cave (under a table) and exploring with a flashlight!?!?!?! 

Let's just say the kids are onboard right from the start. We relate it to art history by learning about the caves at Lascaux, and talking about the content of what was painted in those caves (primarily animals). We talk about animals from our state, Wisconsin, and the students are asked to draw their own animals, after, of course, we wrinkle up their paper (what cave has smooth walls!?!?!) 

While I've always told parents about how much fun this project is, utilizing the Clips app made it possible for my parents and community to truly see what was happening in the art room. They loved it (and laughed!) as they watched their kiddos explore and saw them find their own artwork. 

Yet another example of how my favorite app, Clips, can work quickly and easily to make a difference in your classroom and community.