Date: 11-17-09
Grade: 9-12
Teacher Name: Bethany
Subject: Art
1. Topic-

Photoshop Smartboard Finger-drawing
2. Content-

Photoshop - an Adobe program used for photo manipulation
Smartboard - An interactive touch-screen whiteboard 
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-

1. To allow students to explore using a smartboard for creative expression.
2. To encourage student creativity through the creation of their own drawing on the smartboard.
4. Objectives-

1. Students will learn the basic functions of the Photoshop toolbox.
2. Students will draw sketches of a final drawing that will created using a smartboard.
3.Students will create a drawing through the use of a smartboard with Photoshop enabled.
5. Materials and Aids-

Photoshop program
Sketch Paper
Digital Projector
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-
1. Students will view a powerpoint to learn the basics of the photoshop toolbox.
2. Students will practice using the Photoshop toolbox to increase their knowledge/comfort with the program.
3. Students will complete a quiz on the Photoshop toolbox (matching symbol with what it is used for)
B. Development-
1. Students will complete sketches to be used as a basis for their final smartboard finger-drawing.

C. Independent Practice-
1. After the introduction of another supplemental project, one student per day will work on the smartboard to create a finalized finger-drawing.
2. After finalizing their drawing, students will print it, matte it, and display it for the class.

D. Checking for understanding-
1.Students will demonstrate their knowledge of Photoshop tools through completing a quiz on the Photoshop tools and their functions.
2. Students will create sketches for their finalized piece.
3. Students will create a finger-drawing using Photoshop on a Smartboard.
4. Students will verbally discuss the success of their pieces through an in-class critique.
E. Closure-
1.Students will have a critique to discuss their intent and execution of this project.