Grade: K-8 or 9-12
Teacher Name:
Subject: Art

1. Topic-All School Mural
2. Content- Students will work collaboratively with other grade levels to create a mural that will represent their school community.

3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-

1. To create a mural that will incorporate the ideals and morals held by the school community.
2. To give students a better understanding of the process of making murals.
3. To create a mural with students of varying age and art experience in which they can all take ownership of the mural itself.
4. Objectives-

1. Students will examine famous murals and discuss their ideas.
2. Students will design a mural incorporating the ideals and morals held by the school community.
3. Students will work together to create a mural for the school.
5. Materials and Aids-

Paint Brushes
Design Paper
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-
1. First, we will show students famous murals through the Mural Arts Philadelphia program, which includes numerous murals throughout the city of Philadelphia.
2. Next, we will introduce the mural project for the students.
3. Students will have a discussion on the ideals of the school community and possible elements that they would like to include in the mural.
B. Development-
1. Students will each create a design for the mural.
2. Students, staff and administration will decide on a winning design. The winning design will be recreated on a computer.
3. The design will be projected on the wall and drawn out in pencil.
C. Practice-
1. On Installation Day, each class, beginning with kindergarten and working up to 8th grade/seniors, will have some time to work on the mural.
2. In the end of the installation, 8th graders will help to clean up the "rough edges" of the mural.
D. Checking for Understanding-
1. The students will have an unveiling of the completed mural following its completion.
2. At the mural unveiling, students will discuss the final mural, and how successful it was at representing the ideals of the school community.