Realistic drawing Workbook

The ability to draw realistically is unfortunately often what adults use to determine if they're artistic or not. One of my goals through Art Without Excuses is to help ALL people see that they CAN draw and create art, even realistic art! This workbook will help anyone, from kindergarteners to adults learn to draw realistic pictures (and believe they can be artistic too!) 

Click this link  to download an interactive workbook to use to learn to draw realistically. 


#ArtWithoutExcuses began in 2018as a movement to help everyone (including adults!)  realize they can create! I often hear parents/teachers say they don't have the art "talent" in front of kids and I hope to show both students and adults that everyone truly can create. As a child, I loved to create but didn't think I had the talent either. It wasn't until college that I realized that you really can learn to draw, and that not everything has to be realistic. My experience led to my passion to help everyone find their creativity and incorporate the arts regardless of what subject they teach. Click the Teaching Resources link at the top of the page for more teaching resources, and check out #ArtWithoutExcuses on Twitter. 

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