The playlist above contains videos created through Mike's Thankful project. I love how they turned out! 

Thankful Clips

Posted 11/21/17


After seeing Mrs. Henry's awesome Clips videos (through the QR codes that she put on each student's locker), Mr. Lawrence (aka Mike) couldn't wait to get started with Clips. He came to me specifically asking what cool app I had shown Mrs. Henry, and like that, the wildfire of Clips continued to spread through our school.

Mike, a 4/5 teacher, wanted to have each student share what they were thankful for, and instead of just writing it this year, he wanted the kids to make it come to life through video. He asked me to introduce the app to the kids, so at the end of an art class, he joined us as I showed the kids my Clips overview video, and we ran through the basics. 

The kids went back to class, excited to get started on their Clips, and by lunchtime, our other 4/5 teacher, Mrs. Amann, was at my door wondering about this amazing app that the kids were obsessing over. Luckily, it was easy for me to just AirDrop my video to her and let her share it with her students as well! Ah, the joy of teaching through vide0! :) 

The Projects!

Fast forward to today, and Mike calls me into his room in the morning to upload their final projects to our Youtube so that he can create QR codes to send home with the kids for Thanksgiving break. I was inundated with kiddos excited to share what they'd made, and I loved seeing how the results truly captured their personalities. Some of the kids went for a lot of video (of course with filters!) while others opted for more text to share what they were thankful for. They loved adding music to the background and were so excited to watch all of the videos in the afternoon. 

Seeing these students - especially some who....lets just say don't "LOVE" writing.... getting into this project was so rewarding. It was awesome to see everyone engaged.....and I mean everyone. Every. Single. Student. In fact, the only problem we did have was that a few kids absolutely didn't want to be finished because they were having so much fun adding filters/stickers/labels to their projects. Amazing to see kids so excited about being thankful, and their videos simply make my heart smile.