As an art teacher, one question I often get from teachers, students and parents is how to draw more realistically. All too often, people believe that the ability to draw is a talent that you’re born with, and not something that they have. I have worked with students from kindergarten all the way to high school, and firmly believe that anyone can learn to draw if they put the time into learning the skills. When I struggled with math in high school, I wasn’t allowed to give up, and I know that if people were encouraged to draw and create as much as they are encouraged to do math problems, science experiments, and writing, they would be just as confident with their drawing skills as they are with their ability to do basic math. 

Enter #ArtWithoutExcuses, my new effort to help classroom teachers (or anyone!) to learn to create art and provide the resources to integrate art into all classrooms. This way, teachers can try projects with their students even if they’re not 100% confident in their own skills. The videos are intended to be something that the teacher could show quickly at the beginning of class to get their students creating. Hear more about my ideas behind #ArtWithoutExcuses by watching the video to the right. 

This week I published my “Realistic Drawing” Art Without Excuses video (check out the video to the right!), and I am so excited to share this with teachers and students! I have seen everyone from kindergarteners to high school students succeed with this method and I know that it can help transform the confidence of young artists. I hope to continue creating videos like this that will help more and more people to discover their abilities to create, and build their confidence so that drawing becomes relaxing and enjoyable, rather than a stressful experience.