ISTE 2019 Pop-up Classroom

Posted July 1, 2019

Earlier this spring I was ECSTATIC to be asked to be part of Apple's Pop-Up Classroom at ISTE. I had previously attended ISTE, but knew this would be an experience unlike anything I'd done before, and I knew that I would have the chance to connect with hundreds of educators through our experience. 

I was so excited to be a part of the photo group, with fellow ADEs Joe Welch, Tanya Leon and Andy Hopkins, and work with teachers, administrators and even students from around the world to show them some hidden features in the Camera app and how they can be used in a classroom. 

This activity was an absolute blast! We started by explaining that we were going to take a picture that captured zero gravity. One person would either jump, or throw a piece of fruit in the air, and we would use Burst Mode to capture the moment at zero gravity. I shared a few lighting tricks (if you want to control your lighting, tap and hold on your screen until AE/AF lock appears, then slide the yellow box up or down to lighten or darken! Game changer!) and we were off, throwing fruit and jumping and having a great time! After we captured the photos, we shared how to select your favorite picture/s from a burst, and then how to use Markup to make the photo even more meaningful. 

One of my favorite parts of this activity was seeing how creative everyone was when adding things in Markup! People added everything from facts about space to aliens, UFOs, and so much more! 

I also loved having the opportunity to show teachers the amazing capabilities of workbooks in Pages. There are hundreds of applications for this type of document and I can see it being used all throughout education. It will truly help teachers to fully integrate technology into their classrooms as it has the potential to combine content delivery with a portfolio to house student work. 

Of course, this experience wouldn't have been nearly as amazing without the amazing ADEs and staff that we shared it with! I loved exploring Philly with my fellow ADEs from a bus tour on day one, to an evening historic stroll, and a tour of Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. My inner "National Treasure" loving self was thrilled and there were many laughs and memories made along the way. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of this classroom and can't wait to take this PD model back to my school!