through video

Posted 9/30/17

Our school is so lucky to have been adopted by Gundersen Health System. Not only are they our neighbors, located only a block away from our school, but they provide mentors, healthy snacks, materials/manipulatives, funding for field trips, and so much more to our school and our students. 

When you work in a school that is 70-80% poverty, the difference of being adopted is HUGE. 

While we have always been sure to send cute kid-created thank you cards and pictures, there is something so special about using video to say thanks. 

After emailing this to our contact at Gundersen, she forwarded it out and we were flooded with compliments on how cool the video was. It was the perfect way to literally show them how big of a difference they make in our school. They could hear our students' voices, see them work with manipulatives, and get pictures from our field trips, and the video truly painted a picture for them. The video was shareable and in the two minutes they would have spent reading a card with a few sentences on it, they were able to really get a glimpse into our school, and the amazing things happening because of  their generosity.

Yet another example of the magic of Daily Clips