Fall Trees with
ADE Christina Carbone

This week I had a fun collaboration with fellow ADE Christina Carbone. Christina messaged me looking for an exciting fall project to do with her students, and after reflecting on some of the lessons that I have taught my kids, I remembered an awesome lesson I did in the fall of 2017 in which students learned to draw a fall tree using the “grow the tree” method. My students loved this, and the results of the project were absolutely adorable, so I knew this was the perfect project to share with Christina! 

While my students had created these projects using permanent marker, crayon and watercolor, Christina decided to go with Keynote, and I was so excited to see her results! Her kids really bought in and came up with some awesome creative projects! It was great seeing their finished projects and hearing the stories about how it had all gone. Just another reminder of why I love my ADE team; Christina helped me to see this project in a whole new light and now I am so excited to do it again with my kids next fall! :)