It’s HERE! #ArtWithoutExcuses has begun! 

At WWADE18, I was challenged to come up with a project to incorporate the arts into my classroom. Just one problem…. I am an art teacher! So in the spirit of Yes AND, I decided that I would do the opposite and find ways that I could reach out and help classroom teachers integrate the arts into their classrooms! 

Here’s what I challenged myself to do. 

When I was younger, I never believed I could make art, and it was only after a long journey that I realized that it’s something you can learn. Enter part one: A video encouraging people to make art. After all, if teachers and students don’t believe they can do it, then they’ll never try. So I created the video below.

Next step: create resources that teachers can use in their own classrooms.
While I’ve only begun creating these resources, I am already excited about the possibilities. I have worked on videos to help teachers bring sketch notes and drawing realistically into their classrooms, and I am excited to work on videos that could incorporate other art ideas, like balance, symmetry, and more, into their classrooms.

These videos are available here. 

So what now? I am hoping to continue making videos on all kinds of topics. If you have an idea of something art-related you’d like to try in your classroom, feel free to tweet me at @Bethany_Nugent and I’d be happy to work on something!