Self Portrait Reflections with 4/5 students

Posted 9/23/17

While Clips has become a part of my daily routine in my classroom (see my post Daily Clips), I was thrilled when my 4/5th grade students finished their first project. Now it was time to let them reflect on their work through Clips. 

The directions were simple. Take a picture of your art, and add a label that says either something you learned, or something you loved (about your portrait). 

I handed my iPad to one of my 4th graders and off they went. At the end of class, the kids were BEGGING me to watch their video, excited to see everyone's finished portrait, (while I was excited to see their reflection!) 

While the kids cleaned up I reviewed the comments and was thrilled to see that everyone had followed the directions AND had commented appropriately (let's just say thats amazing!). I added background music and boom, just like that, within 2 minutes, the video was finalized and we were ready to watch. 

The kids watched the Clips and I watched them. This turned into so much more than reflection. They commented on each other's work and I heard comments like "that's awesome!" "Seriously! That's so cool" 

The power of the activity shifted from reflection to confidence building. The students were so kind to each other that it encouraged me to continue this activity (and even just sharing their art in Clips) more often!