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Standard 9 Rationale 

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Standard #9 Rationale

October 22, 2009
Standard 9: Teachers are able to evaluate themselves.
The teacher is a reflective practitioner who continually evaluates the effects of his or her choices and actions on pupils, parents, professionals in the learning community and others and who actively seeks out opportunities to grow professionally.
(K) The teacher understands critical frameworks for reflecting on teaching practice (e. g. frameworks from social, cultural, and philosophical foundations of education). 
(S) The teacher articulates and defends a philosophy of education to guide his/her practice and contributes to the stated philosophy of the school building/district. 
(D) The teacher is committed to reflection, assessment, and learning as an ongoing process.

Artifact:   Title of your artifact and the course and term in which it was produced (for
example, "Educational Philosophy," Essay, Introduction to Education (Viterbo University), Spring 2006)
Rationale Content
I chose this artifact, an essay on my personal Educational Philosophy, to represent my knowledge of Standard 9 because it shows a reflection on myself as a teacher, evaluating my own philosophies and ideas to be sure that I integrate them into my classroom. The aspects of my philosophy state my plans for the future as an educator, and how I will organize my classroom to be a highly productive learning environment.
    Through creating this piece on my views of education, I reflected greatly on the education that I have received in m past , and the teachers that were most influential to me. I worked to grasp what I really think it takes to be an influential teacher, and how I feel that teachers should communicate with their students. Through realizing my expectations in the process of creating, and now revisiting my philosophy, I have a full knowledge of what it is that I want to get across to my students. I evaluated what worked in my own field experiences and experiences coaching students ages K-10, and found what seemed to be most effective. I considered heavily my own personal morals and ethics and incorporated them, so that I am sure to create an environment that I feel is fair and where students can feel comfortable to explore and take (safe) risks.

    Overall, I feel that this artifact clearly shows my skills at personal evaluation, and how those skills can affect my classroom/teaching style in the future. I plan to continually re-evaluate myself to see what is and is not working in my classroom, and how I can adjust certain elements of the class while still allowing everyone to feel they are in a comfortable and safe environment. I also plan to take advantage of opportunities to receive feedback from other staff/faculty members, and students, and to continue to grow and learn with this feedback and personal reflection in mind.