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Standard 8 Rationale 

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Standard #8 Rationale

Nov. 10, 2009
Standard 8: Teachers know how to test students progress.
The teacher understands and uses formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate and ensure the continuous intellectual, social, and physical development of the pupil.

(K) The teacher knows how to select, construct, and use assessment strategies and instruments appropriate to the learning outcomes being evaluated and to other diagnostic purposes. 

(D) The teacher values ongoing assessments as essential to the instructional process and recognizes that many different assessment strategies, accurately and systematically used, are necessary for monitoring and promoting student learning. 

(S) The teacher uses assessment strategies to involve learners in self-assessment activities, to help them become aware of their strengths and needs, and to encourage them to set personal goals for

Artifact: Assessment Discussion, Discussion Excerpt, Art 401, Fall 2009
Rationale Content
    This artifact contains two excerpts from an online class that is focused on discussion of selected art education topics. These excerpts specifically were focused on assessment within the art education classroom. In the excerpts, I discuss how I believe assessment should take place within the art environment.
    In this artifact,  I discuss my views of assessment and how it should be incorporated into the art classroom. My discussion of an ongoing process, in which the students first plan out their art and later reflect on it, clearly shows my demonstration of both the skill and disposition listed above. This plan for assessment also shows my understanding of the importance of incorporating assessment into the classroom in a variety of ways, including formal and informal methods of assessment.

    I feel that this artifact shows my knowledge and understanding of assessment and its use in a nontraditional form through the art classroom. I feel that it is important that in the future, I continue to evaluate my assessment strategies, and continue to allow students to evaluate themselves on where they think that they have progressed and where they think that they need to improve.
    In the future, I will continue to try new methods for assessment and implement them into my classroom so that I may learn from experiencing the different types of assessment in the classroom. I will also continue to be in contact with other art educators through forums and conferences so that I may value from learning about their experiences and what works in other classrooms.