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Standard 6 Rationale 

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Standard #6 Rationale

Nov. 16, 2009
Teachers communicate well.
The teacher uses effective verbal and nonverbal communication techniques as well as instructional media and technology to foster active inquiry, collaboration, and supportive interaction in the classroom.

(K) The teacher understands how cultural and gender differences can affect communication in the

(D) The teacher values many ways in which people seek to communicate and encourages many
modes of communication in the classroom. 

(S) The teacher knows how to use a variety of media communication tools, including audiovisual
aids and computers, to enrich learning opportunities. 

Artifact: Educational Philosophy, Introduction to Education, Spring 2006, Viterbo University
Rationale Content
    This artifact is a reflectional philosophy written for an Introduction to Education course I took through Viterbo University. The philosophy features two sections related to technology and communication, both of which are main components within the philosophy that I will use through teaching within my classroom. 

    In this artifact, I demonstrate my knowledge of the importance of understanding communication and technology and incorporating both of them into the classroom. The statements that I make on technology show that I believe that it is very important to incorporate into the classroom as it is constantly changing and more and more programs are becoming available to both teachers and students. Through my experience with technology through teaching, in addition to my experience with numerous graphic design programs, I will be able to show students the many ways in which technology will be able to benefit them. (S) Additionally, when it comes to communication, I feel that it is important to use different types of communication, such as speaking in class and having open debates (D). Finally, the philosophy discusses my opinion that incorporating minority languages into  all classrooms is important as it makes each student a more well rounded person and creates a sense of the importance of communication within the classroom (K).

    I feel that this artifact shows my knowledge and understanding of technology and the importance of communication within the classroom and school itself. I feel that it is important to keep students’ use of communication and technology in mind when creating lessons and designing classroom structure, so that students can be encouraged to not only communicate with each other through both speech and writing, but also to become more familiar with technology so that they may seek out technology in the future.
    In the future, I will continue to refresh my knowledge of technology and communication and integrate new technology as it becomes available. I will continue to alter my plans for the classroom as further communication and technology issues/opportunities arise. I hope to be able to, through the use of open source programming, integrate numerous forms of technology into my classroom to create a communication and technological foundation for all of my students.  Finally, I plan to continue to be in contact with other art educators to benefit from their knowledge, and share the programs. technology, and communication that I find useful with them.