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Standard 6 Artifact 

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    As a student,  education has opened many doors through the past, and to the future.  Through these experiences, I have gained a perspective on how education should be presented to the youth of tomorrow.
    First,  I feel that a well-rounded education is key in successes throughout life.  This can be achieved through elective classes such as art, music, foreign language and business, as they help students to appreciate all aspects of culture and allow all to communicate more effectively.
    Communication is the second key aspect of my philosophy on education. As it is necessary throughout all aspects of life, I feel that communication should be taught through group projects, speech classes, and open debates in class. Also, foreign languages should be taught at all levels of education, as it is predicted that in the near future, Spanish speaking citizens will become less of a minority. 
    Next, technology use needs to be encouraged throughout all schools.  For the reason that technology changes on a daily basis and is becoming more popular throughout our country,  I feel that it is very important to educate the young on the basics of technology and the use of computer programs, which will then allow these students to assist the older generations in learning these new technologies.
    Additionally, I feel that it is important that all students be taught decision making and moral skills throughout their education.  These skills are very important and may not be taught in the home, therefore, it is necessary that educators are good examples, and that they show students how to use these skills. 
    Finally, the belief that each student learns differently is evident in my perspective.  No two humans are the same and each person learns through different strategies.  For this reason, I believe that teachers should educate students through reading, presenting, discussing, and through hands-on projects.
    Overall, I feel that a well-rounded education that utilizes technology and teaches communication, decision making and moral skills using a variety of different teaching techniques is the key to the success of all future generations.