Field Experience 1 

Standard 5 Rationale 

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Standard #5 Rationale

Dec. 6, 2009
Standard 5: Teachers know how to manage a classroom.
The teacher uses an understanding of individual and group motivation and behavior to create a learning environment that encourages positive social interaction, active engagement in learning, and self-motivation.

(K) The teacher knows how to help people work productively and cooperatively with each other in complex social settings. 

(D) The teacher values the role of students in promoting each other's learning and recognizes the
importance of peer relationships in establishing a climate of learning 

(P)The teacher creates a smoothly functioning learning community in which students assume
responsibility for themselves and one another, participate in decision making, work
collaboratively and independently, and engage in purposeful learning activities. 

Artifact: Classroom Management Plan, EDS 405, Fall 2009
Rationale Content
    In this paper, I discuss my plan for classroom management in my future classroom.  This plan was created after experiencing a semester in another classroom and observing classroom management.
    This artifact shows my proficiency in knowledge of classroom management, as it provides a clear plan for what I will do in my classroom to ensure management exists. It shows my consideration of other types of management, and my openness to changing my plan should my classroom require it. I discuss my plans for room arrangement and environment, which will undoubtedly be very warm and welcoming so that students are comfortable making art in the environment (D). Finally, the plan shows the philosophy that I plan to teach by, which further explains my decisions for a classroom management plan.

    I feel that this artifact shows my knowledge of classroom management as I discuss the philosophy behind my plan, and then discuss the details of the plan, such as  the classroom arrangement/organization/environment, rules, and procedures.  Through these aspects, my students will take ownership of certain aspects of their classroom, including their personal behaviors, and will be given choices throughout the process of creating art (P). Additionally, through my plans for a welcoming and social room arrangement, I will encourage students to relate to each other, and comment back and forth on each other’s work, helping students to develop a sense of self and a realization of what they each can improve upon. (K)
    In the future, I will continue to adjust my classroom management plan in order to be sure that it is working most effectively for each set of students I teach. I will also use knowledge that I gain through the experience of teaching in my own classroom to recreate this plan and implement information based on my own experience, instead of the experience that I have learned from others. Finally, I will continue to learn about what others are doing in their own individual classrooms so that I may know all options/ways to deal with different situations, and so that I can increase my knowledge through the experience and eyes of other art educators.