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 Classroom Management Plan

The Philosophy behind the Plan
     I believe that all students need to feel that they are in a comfortable environment in which they are allowed to take educational risks to grow as a student. As it is necessary throughout all aspects of life, I feel that communication should be taught through group projects, speech classes, and open debates in class. Additionally, I feel that it is important that all students be taught decision making and moral skills throughout their education. I feel that it is very important to educate the young on the basics of technology and the use of computer programs, which will then allow these students to assist the older generations in learning new technologies.
    Overall, I feel that a well-rounded education that utilizes technology and teaches communication, decision making and moral skills using a variety of different teaching techniques is the key to the success of all future generations.

Classroom Management - Room Arrangement

When it comes to classroom management, I feel that the room arrangement is very important to think out and prepare prior to students arrival. In my classroom, I would ideally hope to have groups of  four drawing tables located around the perimeter of the room, and a larger work table in the center of the classroom. This way, students would have space to work on their own, in their groups, but could come together at the larger table for group discussions and critiques. By arranging the classroom in this way, I hope to provide opportunities for growth and development through focused interactive discussion and work-time within a small group setting. I feel that both of these aspects are very important to making students feel welcome in the classroom, as they are not only part of a small group, but feel included in the larger class during large group discussions.
Other than that,  I would like to have all art materials organized on one wall of the classroom. I want to be able to explain where things we are using for projects will be located throughout the semester, so that I do not have students constantly asking where to find their supplies. I would also like to have the classroom very organized as I believe organization helps to establish a bit of order for students. I think that students who see a clean, organized classroom tend to think that the teacher is well prepared for class, which tends to lead to more respect from students (at least from my experience). I would also like to have an organized area in which I can keep books and other materials that students may find useful throughout the semester.

Finally, I plan to have art from contemporary artists and classical artists both, mixed on the walls around the classroom. All to often, students get stuck in thinking that they have to create art to look like the “classics.” I want students to know that there are many ways to make art and that all of them are correct. By displaying these works, I hope to make students more comfortable with their own processes for creating art.

Classroom Rules

When it comest to rules, I hope to rely on the two rules of respect and responsibility. By using these two, basic and universal rules, I feel that I have backing for nearly any infraction posed by a student. Also, by posing these “rules” in this way, we can have discussions about why a behavior is inappropriate, instead of just saying “because it’s the rule.” I also hope that this will be a bit less intimidating at the beginning of the year.

In the beginning of each semester, I hope to lay out a full syllabus of assignments so that students have some idea of due dates and upcoming projects. By doing this, I hope that I can assists students in developing their time management skills and lay out clear expectations from day one. I also will discuss, on the first day, how class will run. I will explain that students are to come in each day and draw in their sketchbook. I will also explain that it is important that students get to work right away. To combat the common “I don’t feel like working on this project today” issue which commonly arises in the art classroom, I also plan to have one long term semester project for students, as well as short term projects. By doing this, students will be able to “choose” what they work on each day. I hope that this will lead to consistent working on art during art class, instead of students resorting to homework for other classes.
I also wish to develop an individual relationship with each of my students. I feel that, especially in art, we as teachers need to know where the student is coming from so that we can help them to express content throughout their I want students to feel safe, and to know that someone is always there for them in my classroom. I want to know their individual differences so that  I can be a better teacher, and do my best to keep class interesting and inclusive for the students. I hope to involve their parents in their education by posting their work to a website and having student art shows.

I feel that this classroom management plan will help me to create an inclusive, learning based environment in which students feel comfortable to create their artwork and have discussions regarding their work. By maintaining a warm and welcoming environment, where students hold the values of respect and responsibility, I hope to minimize behavioral issues and focus on education.