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Standard 10 Rationale 

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Standard #10 Rationale

November 19, 2009
Standard 10: Teachers are connected with other teachers and the community.
The teacher fosters relationships with school colleagues, parents, and agencies in the larger community to support pupil learning and well-being and acts with integrity, fairness and in an ethical manner.
(K) The teacher understands how factors in the students' environment outside of school (e. g. family circumstances, community environments, health, and economic conditions) may influence students' lives and learning. 
(S)  The teacher participates in collegial activities designed to make the entire school a productive learning environment. 
(D) The teacher is willing to consult with other adults regarding the education and well-being of his/her students. 

(D) The teacher is willing to work with other professionals to improve the overall learning
environment for student.

Artifact:  “Characteristics of the Group, and Multiculturalism,” Discussion Excerpt, Methods & Practices for the Art Classroom, Early-Middle Childhood (Art 401) Fall 2009
Rationale Content
This artifact is an excerpt from a discussion posting for the online class, Methods & Practices for the Art Classroom, Early-Middle Childhood. This excerpt is from a posting in which I responded to the question, “Why is it important to know the characteristics of the group you are teaching?”. Through answering this question, I discuss the importance of teacher knowledge of school and community support services, communication between teachers, and teacher understanding of numerous aspects of student lives.
    Through this discussion posting, I discussed my understanding of many important factors within education. First, I discussed how I feel that it is important for teachers to understand numerous facets (ethnicity, socio-economic status, etc.) of students lives. I discuss how these aspects of their lives can inevitably alter their education experience (K). Within the posting, I also discuss the necessity for teachers who understand school and community services and organizations that may benefit their students. Third, I discuss the importance of teachers exchanging knowledge of experience with situations encountered in the classroom (S,D,D).  Through this discussion posting, I feel that I show my plans for connecting with other educators as a teacher. I also plan to continue my involvement with Kappa Delta Pi, in order to continue learning more about education and discussing educational circumstances/situations with other future educators. I hope that through creating bonds with other future educators, I will maintain contact with them far into the future to further extend my educator/education circle.

    Overall, I feel that this artifact clearly shows my connection to other teachers and the community. I discuss my plans for future connection with other teachers, and also discuss how important I feel it is to understand students lives and gain knowledge from other educators. As I stated before, I plan to continue my involvement with Kappa Delta Pi to continually learn more from educators/future educators and build up further connections with other educators.