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Standard 1 Rationale 

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October 22, 2009
Standard #1: Teachers know the subjects they are teaching.
The teacher understands the central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structures of the disciplines she or he teaches and can create learning experiences that make these aspects of subject matter meaningful for pupils.
(K)The teacher understands major concepts, assumptions, debates, processes of inquiry, and ways of  knowing that are central to the discipline(s) s/he teaches.
(D) The teacher has enthusiasm for the discipline(s) s/he teaches and sees connections to everyday life. 
 (D)The teacher is committed to continuous learning and engages in professional discourse about
subject matter knowledge and children's learning of the discipline. 
 (S) The teacher can represent and use differing viewpoints, theories, "ways of knowing," and
methods of inquiry in his/her teaching of subject matter concepts. 

Artifact:   Bethany Marie Expressions (, Website, ART 308, Spring 2009
    I chose this artifact to represent knowledge of my content area, art, because it shows works that I have created in a variety of media, and also discusses the reasoning/experience behind each of the pieces. I also chose this because I continually update the site with my current works of art, which shows that I am continuing my own personal endeavors and increasing my knowledge in the area of art

    This website shows my experience working with numerous media to  create successful works of art. By going through the process of creating these pieces, I have familiarized myself with numerous different artistic processes, which I now have the ability to use in my own classroom. This artifact website also has images of my different pieces, and additionally demonstrates my ability to create a website, which is also useful in graphic design education. Additionally, through taking courses to gain the knowledge in these various media, I have encountered various teaching styles and approaches, some of which have worked, while others failed drastically. I will take in the knowledge of these teaching approaches as well as the art processes themselves and incorporate them into my own classroom. I have also met numerous other future art educators, with whom I have shared numerous discussions about educational strategies, along with art specific classroom issues/solutions. I have taken in all of this knowledge and feel that it will all help me to remain flexible in my classroom, deal with issues as they arise, and become a highly influential teacher.


    This artifact shows my personal proficiency in this standard by addressing art pieces in my past that were successful, and showing my knowledge of the processes of art used to create them. It demonstrates my immense knowledge of the elements and principles of design.
    This artifact/standard has impacted my teaching by increasing my knowledge of individual art processes and media, which has allowed me to better help students navigate their own way through these processes. This knowledge has also made me personally more comfortable with the mediums, which has made me much more likely to incorporate various media into my classroom.
    In the future, I will continue to explore more processes and art media to become further comfortable with working with/teaching/incorporating them in my classroom. I will continue to take university courses after graduation, as well as completing my own individual projects. I will also explore media that are not offered at the university, such as glass blowing, in order to be able to teach them or incorporate field trips for my students to see new and unique media. I will also continue to be in contact with other art educators, to learn more about not only my, but others, teaching strategies, problems and solutions.