Date: Dec. 1 2009
Grade: 3-7
Teacher Name: Bethany Marie
Subject: Art

1. Topic- Psychedelic Paper

2. Objectives-

1. Students will experiment with a non-intimidating method for creating designs on paper.
2. Students will create a piece of psychedelic paper
3. Students will brainstorm ideas for how to use the paper
4. Students will use their paper for an extended art project, in which they may draw/write/create whatever they choose using the paper creatively.
3. Materials and Aids-

Shaving Cream
Tin Pans
Liquid Watercolor (or food coloring)
paper, cut to size
black permanent markers
drying rack
small (paint chip size) cardboard pieces
4. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-
1.Students will learn about creative ways to make designs on paper, such as paste paper, rubbings, etc. and will view psychedelic graphic designs.
2. Students will help to set up newspaper on the desk.
3. Students will view a teacher demonstration of the project.
B. Practice-
1. First, the students will gather supplies.
2. Students will carefully spray a layer of shaving cream in the pan.
3. Next, students will each get a small cup with one color of watercolor in it. They must share the colors with eachother througout the project.
4. After smoothing out the top of the shaving cream using the cardboard, students will pour a little of each of their color onto the shaving cream.
5. Students will use combs, toothpicks, and skewers to create designs by mixing the colors/the white of the shaving cream into eachother. Be sure to warn students not to mix too much or they will wind up with brown/black.
6. After students have reached their desired design, take a piece of paper and lightly push it in to the top of the shaving cream. Push out all air bubbles.
7. Lift up the piece of paper, and use cardboard pieces to wipe off shaving cream, revealing an ink design on the paper.

8. After students finish, let their paper dry in the drying rack.
9. While the paper dries, discuss color theory with students (what happened when they mixed colors).
Also discuss what their paper could be used for. Ex. include, cutting paper snowflakes, drawing a portrait, writing a poem/song, creating a card, artist trading cards, etc.

G. Closure-
1. After students have discussed what they could use their paper for (and the paper has dried) give them time to finish their piece. Black Permanent Marker will work best for drawing/writing on the paper.

2. Discuss the final pieces as a class, tell strengths and weaknesses of each.