Delivering Content

Delivering content is a key component to your flipped classroom. It's literally how your students will get to what they need. It is important to keep it simple in this step. You want your videos and content to be easy for students to find. It is also important to be aware of student access to resources at home. If you are uploading videos online, be sure that your students have internet access at home. if they don't, consider AirDropping content before students leave for the day, or embedding your videos in an iBook or Keynote so that students can access them offline. 

Publish It:

    • YouTube (Highly recommended - If you're not comfortable going totally public, go for "unlisted" so that it is only viewable if you share the link. Youtube has unlimited storage which is important with flipped learning) 
    • Drive

Share it out: 

After you've published your work, create a fast way for students to access it. This could be as simple as QR codes at your workspaces, shortened links, or a learning management system (LMS) where you share out resources.

    • QR Codes
    • Website
    • Classroom
      (Google and Apple) 
    • iTunes U