Praxis II: 

Tips  for the Art Education Content Knowledge Test

Praxis Prep Info

On this site, there are 10 practice questions specific to the Art Education test. It gives you the answers at the bottom, and the option to buy more help.

ETS Test Information PDF

This site gives you an overview of what is on the test, and even gives you nineteen practice questions that are similar to the ones that you will find on the test. 

How To Pass Praxis II Art: Content Knowledge (0133)

This site is a "How to" on passing the Praxis II Art Content Knowledge test. I would also highly suggest using the Annotated Mona Lisa and the Art Teacher's Book of Lists. 

Below is a guide that I found on Scribd that was really helpful for me. It gives some little notes and example questions to study. Hope it helps you too! It can also be found here.