The following are very helpful art programs that can be downloaded free of charge.

Belvedere 4.1

This link will download a concept map creating program that is very useful in any classroom.


Blender is a 3D Modeling and Animation program that is offered fully functional for free. 


Cinepaint is a video-editing program that is fairly advanced and has been used in many professional productions.


TuxPaint is a basic and fun graphics program that is designed for students age 3-12.


Gestalter is a vector based drawing program that is similar to Adobe Illustrator - but it is free! "In order to use Gestalter you must install Gnome libraries.  In addition to the standard gnome libraries you must also install gtkmm, gnomemm (gestalter is written in C++), gdk-pixbuf, libsigc++ (which is part of gtkmm AFAIK) and the libxml2 library by Daniel Veillard" (


Gimp is an image creating/editing program that is very similar to the Adobe Photoshop program, but is free. VERY good for use in the classroom if you can't afford the actual programs! More info at

"Check out these other websites for even more info:

This is an artist who runs international workshops on Free and Open Software for Artists:

This website offers online tutorials for GIMP and other popular FOSS:

Interested in designing your own website, but don’t want to pay for Adobe programs?  This site helps you do it using GIMP:

This is a tutorial for making a poster using GIMP:    "

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ImageWell (Mac)
ImageWell is a program that allows users to make basic edits, including rotation, scaling, watermarks, etc. to their images.

ArtRage 2 Free Edition
ArtRage is a program that allows users to become familiarized with computer drawing and painting. There are some limitations with the free edition.

RainBox (Mac)
A program which allows users to create different effects which seem as though lines and shapes are moving.

Beautiful Dorena (Mac)
Beautiful Dorena is a paint program for mac that includes some video features.

Compositor SE (Mac)
This program allows a user to create image based art and is a free download.

Image Tricks (Mac)
Image tricks is a photo editing program that allows a user to apply numerous effects to their photos. Similar to photoshop.

NIH Image (Mac)
An Image editing software that also allows for image animation.

Pixen (Mac)
Pixen is a pixel editing software for editing images.

Seashore (Mac)
Similar to the "Gimp" program, and photoshop, Seashore allows users to edit images using brushes, text, etc. and work within layers.

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