Date: 11-17-09
Grade: 9-12
Teacher Name: Bethany
Subject: Art

1. Topic- 

Perspective Art
2. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-

1. To give students an understanding of contemporary three-dimensional sidewalk art.
2. To encourage student creativity through design of their own perspective art.
3. To allow students to work collaboratively to create a piece for the larger school community.
3. Objectives-

1. Students will cooperate with each other throughout the design and installation of a three dimensional perspective piece.
2. Students will design a perspective art piece by drawing on a picture of a 3 dimensional somewhat gridded space.
3. Students will demonstrate their ability to work with paint and chalk.
4. Materials and Aids-

Memory Card Reader
Sharpee Markers
Sidewalk Chalk
5. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-
1. Students will view a powerpoint presentation explaining perspective art, and showing examples of it on both sidewalk surfaces, and on gallery walls/floors.
2. Students will learn a process used to create perspective art.
3. The teacher will explain the project to the students.
- view outdoor site approved for art installation
- take photos of the space
- print photographs and use sharpee markers to draw perspective sketches on them.
- vote on a design
- install the design in the space
B. Development-
1. Students will visit the site approved for a perspective art installation.
2. Students will photograph the space from numerous angles.
3. Students will print photographs.
C. Practice-
1. Students will draw designs on the image of the three dimensional space.
2. After creating a two dimensional sketch that would fit in the space, students will view the sidewalk grid and apply the design in the space.
3. Students will then vote on the design that will be used within the space.
D. Independent Practice-
1. Students will work with each other to sketch the image in chalk.
2. After successfully sketching the design, students will work together to install a painted dimensional art piece.
E. Checking for understanding-
1. Students will demonstrate their knowledge of perspective art through written explanation.
2. Students will design a perspective art piece which will show perspective from a single viewpoint, and distortion from most others.
3. Students will install their perspective art outside the school and share it with the rest of the school community.
4. Students will discuss the success of their perspective art through a verbal critique.
F. Closure-
1. Students will have a critique and installation celebration to celebrate their large scale installation.
2. Students will discuss the success of their piece.