Date: February 15, 2010            

Grade: 8

Teacher Name: Bethany Marie            

Subject: Adaptive Art

1. Topic-

Invisible Magic Drawings

2. Objectives-

1. Students will create drawings with white crayon on white paper.

2. Students will create watercolor over the top of their drawings to reveal them.


3. Materials and Aids-

White Crayons or Oil Pastels

Watercolor sets


White Paper

Water buckets


4. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1. I will describe the project to the students.

2. Students will discuss what they want to draw and get a good idea for what they will do before beginning the project.


B. Development-

1. Students will draw their pictures with the white crayon on the white paper.


C. Practice-

1.The students will watercolor over their paintings, revealing them for all of the other students.


D. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1. I will help the students work through their thoughts and guide them in their practices.

2. I will also help the special needs students to be able to correctly hold a paintbrush.

3. I will try to explain in simple terms why this project works, so that students get a better idea of how to do it. (aka: crayon and watercolor aren’t friends. They don’t get along…etc.)

E. Evaluation-

1. Were students able to create a drawing with the white crayon on the white paper?

2. When the students watercolored their paintings did it reveal their crayon drawing underneath?

3. Were students able to describe their drawing after revealing it?


5. Teacher Reflection-

I think that this lesson went well, given the events of the day and the interruption of the lesson. I was very impressed that the students knew right where to pick back up in the process, and that they didn’t lose their excitement about the project. They really seemed to like that their images didn’t show up until after they watercolored, and each of them ended up making a few different drawings. If I were to do the lesson again, I think that I would have the students draw something more conducive to watercolors, such as a landscape. This might encourage their creativity a bit more and also show them a great way to create a landscape painting.