Date: February 15, 2010            

Grade: 8

Teacher Name: Bethany Marie            

Subject: Adaptive Art

1. Topic-

Introductory Symbol Pictures


2. Objectives-

1. Students will be able to describe themselves through the use of symbols in their artwork.

2. Students will present/describe their artwork and what it means to me, and to their fellow students.


3. Materials and Aids-

  • Markers
  • Paper


4. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1. We will have a discussion about symbols

2. Students will begin the project by telling me a little bit about themselves.


B. Development-

1. Following the discussion, the students will have time to work on their drawings. I will discuss with each student their drawing in progress and try to help them find more symbols to represent themselves.


C. Practice-

1.The students will describe their artwork to other students and myself and we will discuss what else these symbols could mean.


D. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1. I will help the students work through their thoughts and guide them in their practices.

2. I will help the students to draw their symbols more realistic and begin moving them out of the stick figure stage.


5. Evaluation-

1.Were students able to create a project that describes themselves through symbols?

2.Were students able to describe their artwork to their fellow students?

3. Were students able to discuss other meanings for the symbols that they used?


6. Teacher Reflection-

This lesson was a great introductory lesson for me to get to know a bit more about the students on my first day. The students liked drawing things that they like, and they were very interested and engaged in the project. They also enjoyed discussing their symbols with me. If I did this project in the future, I might have the students try and arrange their symbols in a way that would sort of represent a human body. I think that would add an interesting twist and help to encourage further student creativity.