Field Experience II

Standards # 1, 4, 7, 9

Bethany Marie

April 8th, 2010


Artifact: Analogous Art, Lesson Plan and Reflection, EDS 450, Spring 2010


Rationale Content


            This artifact was created for a lesson that I planned as part of a PLC creating curriculum plans for middle school students at Onalaska Middle School. This lesson was created to teach analogies to the students in a unique way that included art. Though I have not yet taught this lesson, I have taught ones using analogous colors in the past and reflected on how I think the lesson would go, as well as some difficulties/points to stress in teaching the lesson.


I chose this artifact to represent my proficiency in these standards for a variety of reasons. First, the artifact shows my knowledge of content area, as I not only understand what analogous colors are, but how to use them in relation to analogies to help students learn both topics in coordination with each other (St. 1, 4, 7). It also shows my understanding of planning lessons that incorporate not only the creation of art, but also English topics as they relate to art. This lesson includes factors such as discussion and Q & A, as well as individual creation of students’ analogies. (7) Also, following the lesson plan, I provided a brief reflection on my previous experience with this type of lesson (analogous colors) and provided my reflection on areas that I thought may be problematic/need to be stressed with students. (St. 9) Overall, I feel that this is a very unique lesson for either the art, or reading/English classroom. It makes connections between subjects that are often correlated with long term memory. If students are able to remember these subjects together, they will also likely remember them separately, and be better able to access the information in the future. I feel that this lesson really incorporates various strategies and ideas in a unique way that students would enjoy.


Overall, the lesson has impacted my teaching by showing my just how easy it is to incorporate other subjects into the art classroom, and to use numerous strategies when teaching the students. Teaching art is one thing, but I think that it would be wonderful if I could also help kids learn more than artistic skills. I want to help them have a greater understanding (and acceptance) of the world around them and the people in it.

    In the future, I will continue to explore new lesson ideas and generate lessons incorporating other subjects than art. I have now realized the numerous ways to incorporate any subject in my classroom and am excited to have the opportunity to create similar lessons incorporating other topics in the future.