UW-La Crosse Centennial Mural

In fall of 2009, I had the honor of being part of a group of drawing, design, and painting students that were chosen to work on a mural to commemorate the university's centennial celebration.

As a group of students, we discussed what we thought would be appropriate for the mural and decided on a mural incorporating buildings that are a part of the campus, as well as the bluffs that La Crosse is often recognized for.

Personally, I also had the honor of having my design chosen as the graphic design for the mural. I laid out all of the buildings and worked to create a composition that incorporated the four buildings but still had cohesiveness. I was very excited to be able to do this, and it was amazing to see the graphic that I designed become a 30 foot mural painted by our entire group of students.

Student Seth Forecki standing above mural.













Art for the ages

Students leave their mark in Cartwright Center

By Sara Swiggum, ’10

Usually new faculty only have time to worry about developing course schedules, selecting textbooks, and taking roll without butchering students’ names. For Binod Shrestha, there was more. Within the art department’s assistant professor’s first few weeks on campus, he had dedicated himself to a project that would leave its mark on the university forever.

At a faculty meeting, Shrestha heard the Chancellor’s Office had requested art for its waiting area. Shrestha suggested the work be related to the Centennial celebration.

But Shrestha wasn’t about to tackle this job on his own. He enlisted help of his design foundations and drawing classes, as well as Art Department Chair Jennifer Williams Terpstra. “She was very supportive,” Shrestha said.

Terpstra’s painting class became involved. Since their classes met at the same time, Terpstra and Shrestha began using class periods to design a piece that would eventually capture the history of the university.

The students surveyed campus for the best sites to create a mural. They decided on the State Room in Cartwright Center, despite the initial request in the Chancellor’s Office.

The work was recognized Feb. 8 with a brief presentation and a plaque dedicated to the group’s work.

Read the full story at http://edtech.uwlax.edu/blogs/spotlight/2010/02/12/students-leave-their-mark-in-cartwright-center/. To find out more about UW-L's Art Department, visit www.uwlax.edu/art/.

 Originally Posted at http://www.uwlax.edu/universityrelations/campusconnection/2010/feb/15/index.html as part of the Feb 15, 2010 issue of Campus Connection.